More About Female Intimate Rejuvenation & Volumisation

This treatment is all about Vaginal Volumisation/Enhancement of the Labia/Intimate Volumisation for Females.

When labial hypotrophy develops, due to ageing, hormone depletion, or radiation, the labia of the intimate area become smaller and lax.  This may cause dryness, irritation, and even pain, as well as repeated urinary tract infections, due to mucosa constantly being exposed to friction.

The volume of the labia can be restored by injecting either a Hyaluronic acid filler or a Collagen-stimulating filler into the deeper layers of the labia. Your medical practitioner will discuss these options with you and assist you in making a decision.

Before your procedure, it may be a good idea to shave the area 2-3 days in advance, to assist the medical practitioner to better visualize areas of volume loss.  Refrain from using aspirin-like pain medication and Omega-3, which can cause more bruising.

The area is first anaesthetized by using a fine needle and a thin, blunt cannula and Lignocaine.  Once the tissues have been anaesthetized, a bigger, blunt cannula is used to inject the volumising substance. The initial injection of Lignocaine may sting, but the injection of the volumising product is normally pain-free or only slightly uncomfortable.

You should bring along a thick pad and firm underwear to support the area of treatment.  This would limit the sagging of the tissues and consequent migration of the product. Following your procedure, you should not touch the area for 2 hours.  Whenever you use the toilet, clean the urethral opening and anus with unscented baby wipes. Do not take a long, hot bath, but rather a lukewarm shower. Refrain from sexual intercourse for 3 days. Do not expose the treatment area to chlorine or any waxing products for a week.

This treatment is normally performed over 2 sessions with a 2-week interval.  Your practitioner will request that you make a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after your initial treatment.  The same post-care instructions apply after each treatment.

Following the treatment, the tissues will appear red and swollen.  You may experience some tenderness, especially over the insertion points, as well as some bruising. Once the swelling subsides after 3-5 days, you will realise that the tissues appear less volumised. This will gradually improve again.

Hyaluronic acid will gradually bind water over 2-4 weeks, which means that your result will gradually improve as the retained water plumps out the labia and hydrates the skin.

Polycaprolactone improves the plumpness and firmness of the labia by stimulating collagen.  This process happens gradually over a period of 3 months. The solution, in which these active PCL molecules are dispersed, is gradually absorbed by the body, which leads to an initial volume loss of up to 20% at 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks, the labia gradually return to their initial treatment volume, as collagen fibers are deposited.

This treatment can be repeated at 12-15 months, or alternatively, a small treatment can be performed at 12-15 months to enhance the results.


  • Dryness of the Labia Majora (Lips of the vagina)

  • Volume loss of the Labia Majora (Lips of the vagina)

  • Vaginal Atrophy