More About Luscious Lashes Eyelash Extensions

While there are products on the market offering a temporary effect, such as elongating mascara and false eyelashes, the individual eyelash extension concept stays unique in its *ability to last up to 2 months when properly applied and correctly maintained.

Eyelash extensions provide thicker, longer and naturally abundant looking eyelashes. *Eyelashes appear thicker and longer through the professional application of individual eyelashes directly to the natural lashes with a specially formulated bonding agent.

Luscious Lashes Eyelash Extensions are available in various lengths to *create a beautiful and natural look.

The delicate thickness of the Luscious Lashes product does not weigh down the natural eyelash. *This prevents the natural lash from falling out before its time.

Unlike mascara, Luscious Lashes Eyelashes Extensions do not clump, run when wet, smear or cause allergies. You can swim and shower without worrying about losing your fabulous look.

A full-set application takes between 1½ to 2 hours. Refills are necessary every two to three weeks, depending on the individual’s eyelash life-cycle.

Full Set Eyelash Extension

2 Week Fill

3 Week Fill

4 Week Fill

Package Price (2x Full Set Plus 4x 2-week Fills)

Up to 120 min Up to 60 min Up to 75 min Up to 90min
R680 R435 R495 R550 R2 790


* Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person.