Nimue products are organised into 4 result-orientated treatment principles that address specific skin classifications. Nimue products are not prescribed according to traditional skin typing, but the treatment is focused on healing the skin in order to treat the cause of the problem and not the symptoms.

The 4 principles that Nimue uses to address the skin’s needs, are:

Sun protection/Antioxidation/Restoration/Rejuvenation.

Nimue thus classifies its product ranges according to the current skin health status to target specific skin conditions– Environmentally damaged skin range/Hyperpigmented skin range /Problematic range or Interactive range.


Interactive Skincare Range

This range is for skins with minor physiological imbalance. The range is also indicated to maintain normal skin physiology in skins that do not manifest typical symptoms of environmental damage, hyperpigmentation or oil/acne problems. The interactive range is also for skins manifesting temporary sensitisation due to ill health, medication or skin resurfacing procedures.


Problematic Skincare Range

Nimue’s problematic skincare range delivers active ingredients for targeted treatment of problem skin to exfoliate, unblock pores, control excess oil and bacteria and restore skin balance.


Hyperpigmented Skincare Range

Nimue ensures targeted delivery of advanced ingredients through innovative delivery systems. Nimue achieves unsurpassed results in fading and brightening for an improved and more even skin colour by combining biotechnological and superior phytoceutical extracts.


Environmentally damaged Skincare Range

Environmentally damaged skin may show clinical signs of premature ageing due to biological factors or photoageing, resulting from overexposure to environmental elements, primarily the sun.

Nimue achieves excellent results in skin rejuvenation to improve the signs of ageing-rough, dry and sensitive skin with signs of sagging, thinning and wrinkling.



The Nimue Y:Skin range has been specially formulated for 10-20 year olds, who want the right combination, concentration and strength of ingredients for regulating and maintaining glowing, health skin.


Nimue Man

Nimue Man is a user-friendly, yet sophisticated home care skin renewal system for men that ensures a healthy, rejuvenated skin.

The derma-cosmeceutical skin treatment offers products that deliver active ingredients for effective treatment of signs of environmental damage, wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven texture, oiliness, dryness and skin irritation (resulting from shaving).


Nimue Skin Boosters

Nimue offers 6 intensive treatment serums based on state of the art formulation and ingredient technology to meet the specific demands of unhealthy skin with unequalled effectiveness.

The serums are prescribed as an adjunctive treatment and act in synergy with Nimue core prescriptions, actively enhancing the skin’s restoration and rejuvenation processes.



Nimue sun-c products contain both organic and inorganic sunscreens, photo-stabilisers and anti-oxidants for optimum protection against ultraviolet radiation and environmental exposure.

Daily use of a sunscreen is of critical importance in maintaining skin health, protecting the skin against premature ageing as well as skin cancer.