More About Dark Skin Treatments

At Transform, we pride ourselves in the fact that we offer tip to toe treatments for all skin types. Our Hair Reduction Laser uses a combination of long radiowaves (Radiofrequency), which do not focus on pigment in skin, and Diode laser, at low energy levels, *rendering it a safe treatment for darker skin types.

Our Aspirin-like Beta peels, our milk acid Lacti-firm peels, as well as our Skin Tech peels *are all safe for darker skin types.

We offer a spectrum of Skin Rejuvenation treatments, *which are safe for darker skin types, varying from Skin Boosters to Dermapen to more intense Sublative Radiofrequency treatments.

Botox and Fillers are both *safe for all skin types.

Skin appendages and wart-like lesions, including Morgan Freeman-lesions, *can safely be removed by means of unipolar Radiofrequency.

Glutathione, a tripeptide, is composed of three amino acids, namely glutamate, cysteine and glycine.  *It is an anti-oxidant, with pigment-suppressing and brightening properties.

The functions of Glutathione include:

  • The destruction of hydrogen peroxide and other harmful free radicals
  • Detoxification of foreign compounds
  • Co-enzyme to other enzymes, to facilitate certain bodily processes
  • It enters the mitochondria (energy source of cells) and can protect it
  • *It repairs damage caused by stress, pollution, the sun, radiation & cigarette smoke

The levels of Glutathione and its metabolites are dependent on internal (hormones, inflammation) and external (UV, heat, chemical) factors. Research studies have confirmed that low levels of Glutathione are linked to darker pigment.  Glutathione has a direct inhibiting effect on tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for pigment production), which is a rate-limiting step in pigment production, and therefore, inhibition of this step has a major impact on pigment production.   Glutathione also has an indirect effect on the course of the pigment production chain, leading to diversion away from eumelanogenesis (production chain for darker pigment) towards phaemelanogenesis (production chain for lighter pigment), *resulting in lighter skin pigmentation.

Glutathione can be used in the form of a cream, capsules or, in most cases, it is used in combination therapy to *brighten darker skin tones. Glutathione is available on prescription only & a consultation is therefore needed before it can be prescribed.

Please contact our clinic for a full consultation and to discuss your treatment options.



  • Brighter Concentrate

  • Ovelle (Pigment suppressor)

  • Luminesce: Lamelle’s brightening skincare range

  • Glutathione capsules & creams.