Remodelling of a mature skin with Skin Specific Recombinant Growth Factors.

Normal cell division and differentiation is dependant on human growth factors. Anti-ageing treatments are effective because they are able to stimulate the body’s production of growth factors.

Recombinant growth factors of the Dermaheal range stimulate old skin cells to revert to a youthful renewal pattern, which significantly improves overall skin quality. The benefit of growth factors, unlike other anti-ageing ingredients, is that growth factors cause no irritation to the skin, because their molecular structure is the same as natural-occuring growth factors.



Luminesce is Lamelle’s advanced pigmentation solution range.

Patented pigment-blocking peptides are combined with conventional skin brightening ingredients.

Luminesce addresses hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production at several points in its production pathway.

Lamelle Research Laboratories use four innovative peptides to treat pigmentation.

Luminesce offers brilliant results in combating epidermal hyperpigmentation and the combination of the peptides used in Luminesce will also stimulate fibroblast activity to provide anti-ageing benefits.



Complete solution to clear skin.

The Clarity range offers a complete treatment regime with oral and topical acne therapy.

Lamelle Researh Laboratories has incorporated specialised ingredients into the Clarity range to address the four primary concerns of acne: overproduction of oil in the skin, insufficient shedding of dead skin cells, inflammation and secondary infection.

The Clarity range does not cause dryness of the skin and by addressing inflammation caused by acne, it also reduces the risks of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark marks) and scarring.

Research shows up to 88% improvement in inflammatory acne within 8 weeks



Serra moisturisers create a multiple lipid layered structure in the skin, similar to normal human skin, unlike conventional moisturisers that only create a single layer.

Serra, thereby, provides a more efficient water trapping system, which significantly reduces skin sensitivity and irritation.



Brighter Concentrate

A serum with four patented anti-pigmentation peptides to enhance results achieved in the treatment of melasma. Brighter Concentrate is also an essential product during the preparation phase and during peels and other intensive treatments in clients of skin types IV-VI to inhibit the over-active pigment system.


RA Cream

RA Cream is a pioneering age correction home care treatment designed to treat the concerns of ageing: fine lines, uneven complexion and rough skin texture.

Lamelle’s Patented Retinoid Technology smoothes and brightens the complexion without the irritation associated with current retinoids.


Hydrating HA Plus

Hydrating HA Plus is a supplement to a moisturiser for dry skin concerns. The serum contains high concentrations of HAfi fragments, which attract water and activate cell metabolism within the skin.

These fragments are able to penetrate deep into the dermis and attract water into the epidermis and dermis. They stimulate skin cells to produce hyaluronic acid, which then attracts even more water.



Cathepzyme 1 and 2 from Lamelle Research Laboratories are designed as a replacement for the natural enzyme, Cathepsin D, which declines with age. Cathepzyme 1 and 2 facilitate the natural shedding process, without being abrasive or disturbing the barrier function of the skin. This results in a soft, smooth and glowing skin as cell turnover is increased.


Ovelle D3

Ovelle D3 contains the most powerful oral anti-oxidant available. This active ingredient, Pycnogenol, is a patented all natural plant extract derived from the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree.

Ovelle D3 inhibits the two primary pathways of collagen breakdown. It also binds to and protects collagen and elastic fibres in the skin.

Ovelle D3 increases the skin’s resistance to the effects of harmful ultraviolet radiation by over 80% and therefore not only reduces the risk of photo-ageing, but also reduces hormonal pigmentation by 37% within 4 weeks.