More About Syneron® eLase Laser Hair Reduction with Motif®

The eLase uses a combination of a 810 nm Diode laser plus Bipolar Radiofrequency, which offers a comfortable, highly effective treatment for all skin types

Cooling of the skin’s surface, as well as Active Dermal Monitoring, which constantly monitors the skin’s resistance, *ensure safety and comfort during the treatment.

*Hair follicles are targeted and the heat causes coagulation of hair follicles with the unique eLase combination of Bipolar Radiofrequency and the 810 nm Diode laser and therefore hair growth is reduced after each treatment. Radiofrequency waves heat the dermis and allow for lower Diode laser energy levels to be needed to treat the hair follicles. Therefore this treatment is safe for all skin types. Both males and females can achieve hair reduction.

The Motif Mode offers high frequency, multiple pass, “virtually pain-free” hair reduction on all skin types. Treatment times are drastically reduced due to the largest treatment spot size in the industry (15x12mm). The Motif® is perfect for treating large areas such as the legs and back.

No waxing, tweezing or epilation should be performed for 4 weeks prior to your treatment and in-between treatments, as the presence of pigmented hair inside the follicle is imperative for the concentration of heat in the follicle and the consequential destruction of the hair bulb – and in some cases the stem cells.

You should shave the area 1-2 days prior to your treatment. Hair should not be too long, as this can lead to the concentration of energy and heat on the surface of the skin, *which can lead to a burn wound and/or poor effects.


* Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person.