Waxing is the quickest way to *get rid of hair temporarily. We know that waxing can be sensitive and that is why we use Ital wax.

Ital wax has a lower melting point, making it safe for sensitive skin.

It can *remove stubborn hair of up to 1mm with hot wax and 2mm with strip wax.

Safe for people using vitamin A products (Roaccutane) or Cortisone.

*The wax is very flexible and soft on the skin, therefore reducing the risk of skin lift.

The wax can be used on all areas of the body.

15 -45min


Eye brow wax/tweeze R95
Lip wax R95
Ear/Nose wax R95
Chin wax R130
1/2 Face wax R190
Full face wax R260
Standard bikini wax R130
G-string wax R150
Brazillian wax R190
Full bikini wax (Hollywood) R240
Half leg wax R195
Full leg wax R280
3/4 Leg wax R230
Full arm wax R245
Under arm wax R120
Full leg and bikini wax R370
Half leg and bikini wax R295
Buttocks wax R140
Chest / Lower Back / Abdoment wax R200
Back/chest incl. abdomen wax R295
Full body wax (4+areas) (4+ areas)-10%


Eye brow wax/tweeze R80
Lip wax R80
Standard bikini wax R110
G-string wax R130
Brazillian wax R170
Full bikini wax (Hollywood) R225
Half leg wax R175
Full leg wax R230
3/4 Leg wax R200
Full arm wax R220
Under arm wax R105